The Machine: Bride of Pin·bot

The Machine: Bride of Pin·bot

February, 1991 / 4 Players

Manufacturer: Williams

Notable Features:

  • Flippers (2)
  • Pop bumpers (3)
  • Slingshot in the pop bumper area
  • Ramps (2)
  • Spinning target (1)
  • 2-ball Multiball
  • Upper level bagatelle mini-playfield
  • Two elevated chicane lanes on the right side have interwoven paths
  • Plunger lane has elevated skill shot to drop ball to a kicker which kicks the ball into the pop bumper area
  • The woman’s head in the upper playfield rotates to show different faces

Heartbeat Ramp (the center ramp) is a dual-path ramp which diverts the ball either to the right inlane or to the plunger lane, depending on the ball’s path in the mini-playfield.